Monday, November 2, 2009

Get to know the businesses around your investment properties before buying

It’s no secret that local businesses can tell you everything you need to know about an area. If all of the local businesses are busy and lucrative you can rest assured that your investment properties will bring you an excellent return on investment. People always want to live near businesses they can trust to be in business a year from now.
Don’t forget that buying investment properties is about knowing the area and the potential buyers. Once you have that down, you’ll be making money in no time.

Make smart decisions when choosing your investment properties

Remember that when you purchase an investment property you have to think about yourself as the investor and also about the potential buyers or renters that you’ll want your property to appeal to.
Your buyers or renters may be looking for something in a quiet area with easy access to grocery stores and malls or they may be looking for something that’s right where all the action is. Be sure that the property you choose will be appropriate for the people who may be living there and that your remodels meet those same needs.

Checking the property records of your investment properties is a must

Never forget to check the property records of the investment properties you’re considering prior to making a purchase. You’ll want to be sure that all the visible land actually belongs to the property and that you can make the additions and do the remodeling you need in order to make the property profitable.
In addition, you’ll want to be sure that the investment properties you’re selecting won’t require more of your time than it’s worth. These properties might include apartments and condos, or other properties that have an HOA, if you’ll be offering your investment properties to renters.

Impulse buying is dangerous for investment properties

Impulse buying is one of the most dangerous adversaries to those who deal with investment properties. You may see a property that looks fantastic and the price is too good to be true. And in reality, it most likely will be too good to be true. Remember, there’s plenty of work that must go into an investment property and if you can’t afford the payments, the remodeling and the other costs associated with investment properties you may be taking on more than you can handle.
Don’t forget, your investment properties will also be susceptible to market fluctuations so make sure it will be worth your investment.

Using investment properties as your primary source of income

Look around you—there are thousands of people driving nice cars, living in expensive homes and wearing top of the line designer clothing while you’re still doing the same old thing. And it’s because they know something that you also know—but the difference is, they got themselves involved in investment properties and you didn’t. Real estate investment properties offer an easy opportunity to replace or supplement your current income.
Remember, with investment properties you have the opportunity to purchase a property at rock bottom pricing, fix it up and then put it back on the market to make a huge return on investment.